Why We Do It

Connecting small businesses.

Mission Statement

The Black-Owned Market Edmonton (BOM YEG) is a volunteer collective whose aim is to uplift, support and build Black owned businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives and community organizations in Edmonton using innovative platforms to connect with the community.

At BOM YEG, we work tirelessly to connect small Black-Owned businesses with a wider audience in Edmonton, Alberta so they can better thrive on their own.

We understand that creating safe & welcoming spaces and platforms are at the heart of bringing communities together.

The Black-Owned Market was created to provide Black-Owned small businesses with a platform and welcoming space to test, launch or sell their products. 

BOM YEG aims to explore and implement innovative ways to create memorable and relevant experiences to unite Albertans, and further connect them with their communities while delivering value back to all of our sponsors and our community partners. 

At BOM YEG, we create physical spaces & virtual platforms for small businesses owned by Black folks. We aim to support Black businesses and creatives with valuable resources to reduce the inequality gap. Our objectives include but are not limited to:

  • Provide local Black businesses, entrepreneurs & creatives with a platform to sell/share their products, goods, and services

  • Build a sense of community and solidarity among the Black community in Edmonton through the creation of a communal gathering place

  • Provide local consumers with the opportunity to access quality goods and services offered by primarily Black-owned initiatives

  • Stimulate long-lasting economic development and investment within Black communities and businesses in Edmonton

  • Provide the wider Edmonton community the opportunity and structure to invest in Black-owned businesses