How BOM YEG Started

It was all a dream! 

A simple re-share of BOM YYCs inaugural event spurred our co-founders to assemble a team and help support our Black entrepreneurial community.

We understand that creating safe & welcoming spaces and platforms are at the heart of bringing communities together.

Our primary goal for the BOM YEG E-Marketplace is to have an E-marketplace which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Help make our dreams true

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The Black-Owned Market Edmonton (BOM YEG) is a community-orientated space that was created to provide Black-Owned small businesses with a platform and welcoming space to test, launch or sell their products.  

We expect that with this the online new marketplace, we will be able to reach an even wider audience as access to our market will be accessible from the comfort of people's homes.

The BOM YEG team consists of multitalented representatives & trustworthy leaders from the Albertan Black  community.

Objectives include but are not limited to:

  • Provide local Black businesses, entrepreneurs & creatives with a platform to sell/share their products, goods, and services
  • Build a sense of community and solidarity among the Black community in Edmonton through the creation of a communal gathering place
  • Provide local consumers with the opportunity to access quality goods and services offered by primarily Black-owned initiatives
  • Stimulate long-lasting economic development and investment within Black communities and businesses in Edmonton
  • Provide the wider Edmonton community the opportunity and structure to invest in Black-owned businesses

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What does BOM YEG stand for?

BOM YEG stands for Black-Owned Market, while YEG refers to the airport code for the Edmonton Area.

How are you keeping everyone safe?

We are actively reviewing the Alberta public health measures regarding COVID-19. As demonstrated during our inaugural BOM, several public health measures were enforced including limited capacity (sorry for the long wait and for those who were turned away), hand sanitizing stations at the entrance, exit and throughout the market, guided paths for attendees to limit contact amongst guests and mandatory masks for everyone. As the provincial government changes these recommendations, we will change our approach. Our most exciting project is making BOM 100% virtual. Yes, a Black-Owned E-Market!

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for donations, sponsors, vendors and volunteers. If you are unable to help BOM personally you can always spread the word on any of our social media channels.